7KW Portable EV Chargers

Long distance travel - Portable charging devices for cars can assist in charging for long-distance travel.

Emergency - If your car experiences an emergency situation of low battery power or battery failure, the car's portable charging device can help you restore power without a charging station, allowing you to safely return home or reach your destination.

Outdoor activities - This device allows you to use your car appliances and equipment in areas without a power grid.

Supports national, European, and American standards

Support for OEM/ODM

type 2 

  • Products Features

Products Features

Products Features

Carry with you,Plug-and-charge, convenient and fast.

Equipped with 2.4-inch display, real-time display of SOC information and fault indication
and fault indication.

Products Features

With the function of appointing charging time and appointing charging duration.

With over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection,
leakage/earth protection, over-temperature protection and other functions.

Support OEM,ODM