Brand: Chargera

Electric Vehicle Shared Charging Advocate

Design inspiration of LOGO

The inspiration of the figure comes from the Chinese character "Yuan", which means "the beginning of one yuan and the renewal of everything". Using the design technique of font deformation, the "Yuan" character is combined with the image of the power plug to form the main body of the graphic, which is rich in the beauty of Chinese characters and also shows the industry characteristics of the brand. The circle extending from the graphic body represents extension, circulation and containment. It symbolizes the unlimited possibility of the brand "Yuanyuan Charging" in the future and the inexhaustible environmental protection concept of recycling. It also expresses the team's spirit of "unity and cooperation, integration and progress" behind the brand "Yuanyuan Charging" and the desire to constantly strengthen cooperation and communication with the outside world while developing itself, so as to finally achieve the goal of providing customers with professional, global and high-quality services. The overall graphics use green as the main color representing life and hope. With the development of the times, green has also been given a new meaning of nature and environmental protection, which is more consistent with the brand connotation of "Yuanyuan Charging".


Chargera - the overall solution of electric vehicle shared charging

Yuanyuan Charging covers all parking spaces by investing in the overall construction of the parking spaces and charging facilities in the commercial area and the community garage, and realizes the overall solution for the market-oriented operation of the charging facilities in the community garage through the operation and maintenance of intelligent management means such as reservation, time sharing and off peak charging.

Integrated low-cost construction

Minimum power capacity increase

Intelligent reservation

Marketization operation

  • Ordinary People

    It is not difficult to charge. It is important to focus on the garage in the community, whether it is a rented parking space or a self owned parking space.

  • Power Sector

    It solved the problem of limited capacity increase and orderly management, and the problem of charging the last 100 meters of electric vehicles.

  • Community Property

    Let the charging of the community be managed in an orderly manner, and build in a unified way, so as to avoid unauthorized connection and affect the image of the community.

  • Fire Department

    The overall solution includes fire alarm and fire power failure protection.

  • Government

    The state clearly proposes to stop the production of fuel vehicles by 2030, and the charging problem has been solved, which will greatly increase the proportion of new energy vehicles.

Conclusion: The electric vehicle sharing charging solution for the garage in the community can successfully solve the charging needs of community users, the management needs of the property in the community, the capacity increase needs of the power sector
  • One to many sharing, high coverage

    One pile has multiple positions. Compared with the same number of fixed piles, the coverage rate is increased by 4 times.

  • Unified construction and operation

    The patented box transformer technology realizes the high integration of the circuit system and the management and control system. Through unified scheduling and management, it can manage more efficiently and optimize resources.

  • Strengthen abnormal fire alarm

    Take active protection measures for abnormal data to ensure the safety of the charging process and the safety of the vehicle battery after charging.

  • Scan code to power on, no power plug

    Insert the gun and scan the code to call, end the call remotely, protect life safety, protect the battery, and completely eliminate potential safety hazards.

  • Group control and group management cut peak and fill valley

    Intelligent regulation, shared management, peak shaving and valley filling, intelligent charging, reduce the impact on the power grid.

  • No installation required, charging by appointment

    No user needs to apply for installation, just make an appointment to register, and quickly meet the charging needs

  • 7KW AC charging

  • 120KW DC fast charging

Input Voltage:AC220V

Output Current:32A

Protection Grade:IP55


7KW/220V-21KW/380V multi power coverage

Snap installation, convenient expansion and installation

Bridge hoisting, effective anti-collision, avoiding children's contact, safe charging

Compact design, small space, flexible installation

Fire bag is equipped in the cabin with pile smoke detector to ensure fire safety

Multi level protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, electric leakage and lightning

One button reservation, scanning code payment, convenient use

Staggered peak and valley filling, graded electricity price, and cost reduction


Suzhou Huangdai Gugong Community Service Center Charging Station

Suzhou Xiangcheng Pingtan Park Charging Station

Charging Station of Suzhou Vienna International Hotel (Taiping High speed Railway North Station)


Focusing on the construction and operation of charging facilities for new energy vehicles, standardized management, transparent platform based analysis, standard and detailed services, we sincerely seek long-term partners of Yuanyuan to forge ahead and achieve win-win cooperation.


Cooperation mode of Yuanyuan charging (operational fast charging station):
Yuanyuan Charging chooses the profit model of charging electricity fees plus service fees from charging users. Generally, there are several ways for partners.

  • 1

    Parking space leasing cooperation mode

    Yuanyuan Charging will invest in the construction and operation of the station, rent parking spaces from the local fixed fees, and Yuanyuan Charging will be responsible for the operation of the station.

  • 2

    Cooperative operation mode

    The construction and operation of the station will be invested by Yuanyuan Charging, and the partner will provide the site. Both parties will pay a certain proportion of the station charging service fee income.

  • 3

    Joint investment and station building mode

    The station will be jointly invested and built by Yuanyuan Charging and the partner, and the service fee will be shared according to the proportion of contributions to specific projects by both parties.